Sales Policy

The prices shown on are only valid for purchases made at the time of their exhibition. For those buying requests that actually were formulated and accepted, they won’t be subjected to any subsequent price changes.

For credit card installments made up of more than one product, a reduction in the number of installments may occur if the minimum value of each installment does not reach the limit established by the credit card companies.

Quintessence reserves the right to serve only retail sales to end consumers. Quantities of more than 5 (five) copies of the same product and/or successive orders for the same item or the same product relation, regardless of quantity, performed by individuals or legal entities, should be subjected to our Corporate Sales department by e-mail.

Our delivery service does not allow orders placed with PO Box addressing. Please, fill in the address field with valid addresses for your order to be sent correctly.

No extra fee in 6 installments

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