Autor(es): Joly, Julio Cesar / Carvalho, Paulo F M / Silva, Robert Carvalho da 

Edição: 1ª/2016
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Capítulo 1: Perio-Implantology: a decade of consolidation of the philosophical proposal


Capítulo 2: Soft tissue grafts, alveolar flaps and tissue substitutes


Capítulo 3: Single and multiple recession defects: treatment planning and surgical procedures


Capítulo 4: Therapeutic alternatives to treat gummy smile

Capítulo 5: Tridimensional ridge augmentation: horizontal and vertical


Capítulo 6: Simultaneous tissue reconstruction and implant placement at healed sites


Capítulo 7: Socket management: immediate implant placement x socket preservation


Capítulo 8: Treatment options for implants with esthetic sequelae


Capítulo 9: Therapeutic strategies for the treatment of multiple adjacente missing teeth in the anterior area


Capítulo 10: Peri-implant prosthetic management aiming restorative excellence. Clinical and laboratorial stages

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