Privacy and Security Policy

Quintessence Editora has always built its image based on protection and respect for the rights of its consumers. In this way, we hereby present our Privacy and Security Policy so that by making your purchase with us, you are always assured that the confidentiality and privacy of your data will be respected within the strictest security standards on the internet. This means that either at the time of purchase or registration to receive any of our services, any data you provide will be stored in our files.

Periodically, personal information may be used to send you important notices, such as your request’s progress and history. Because Quintessence understands such information is really important, you can not choose to not receive such communication.

Quintessence Editora Ltda., CNPJ nº 42.183.756 / 0001-63, São Paulo – SP.

Last updated: November 06th, 2017.

What is Quintessence's legal reference to its own Privacy and Security Policy?


Our Privacy and Security Policy is supported by the Consumer Protection Code, the main law that governs the rights of consumers in Brazil, as well as it is validated by our Legal Department. 

In the event of any disagreement about our Privacy and Security Policy or complaints about the services provided by Quintessence, feel free to contact us or look for any of the consumer rights organizations listed below: 

IDEC (Institute for Consumer Protection): +55 11 3874-2151 for associates and +55 11 3874-2152 for non-members. 

PROCON (Foundation for Consumer Protection): +55 11 1512.

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